Hi Stu: I was able to get out briefly this morning, in between storms and uncomfortable hot mugginess to check out action on my newly tied bloody black dubbed Boolie jigs. They looked great, you must have blended in extra flashing on this batch, as the ultra thin little red and blue sparkle tails really stood out!! And, I almost forgot to tell you, a few weeks ago my son and grandson went out on Lake Erie on a very calm evening, boating just down from our lodge. They were electric motor trolling with our 1/28 oz. jigs over a rocky hump laden section of sand flats that was a mere 5′ deep. Precisely at sundown, nice size Channel Cats went crazy; they brought in a cooler full (yep, Ol’ Pa had to help clean them into the wee hours!). Next night was just as still and calm, so my son convinced me to go out for a few ultra slow trolling runs over the shallow flats. As he predicted, as soon as the sun sank into the horizon I had my first jolting strike! Trouble was as we continued it was me that who got all the hits and long fights! We had basically the same light jigs on, same diameter line, obviously same speed and depth; the major difference was that my jig was tied in brown Darkwater Dubbing and his had some other material that he likes!! So the action of your great material, perhaps the flash, or maybe the way natural rabbit holds scent better, made all the difference that evening! (my victory still didn’t get me out of fish cleaning!). OK, excited about fishing the dubbing for the remainder of summer and into the always productive Fall! Take care, John

John McKean sent this e-mail to me and I found it to be typical of all the responses that I have received about how well my dubbing works. You don’t have to fly fish only to use Darkwater Dubbing. Below are a couple of fish pictures that John sent me of his recent catches. Way to go John.

John's Cat1  John's Car2 John's LMB  John's Drum1