Ever wanted to catch fish consistently and not only lots of fish but big fish as well. These flies are all proven fish catchers and have caught numerous species of our finned quarry some big and some small but the underlying fact is they catch fish. If you have any questions on tying these flies drop me an e-mail and I will be happy to answer any questions you have on the tying aspects of the pattern. Please keep in mind the DDH Leech can be tied in any color combinations that you desire. The following DDH Leech patterns are the best colors that I use.  Flies are 3.00 unless otherwise stated.

Brown DDH Leech   btn_cart_LG

website flies 027

Midnight Fire DDH Leech  btn_cart_LG

website flies 025

Olive DDH Leech  btn_cart_LG

website flies 020

Hot Olive DDH Leech  btn_cart_LG

website flies 016

UV Black DDH Leech  btn_cart_LG

website flies 023

Red River Sculpin ($6.00 ea.)  btn_cart_LG

website flies 061

Snowpedo ($6.00 ea.)  btn_cart_LG

website flies 067

Zacattack (Craft Fur) ($6.00 ea.)  btn_cart_LG

website flies 058

Yellow DDH Head   btn_cart_LG

website flies 043

Pink DDH Head  btn_cart_LG

website flies 046

Purple DDH Head   btn_cart_LG

website flies 049

Pale Yellow DDH Minnow   btn_cart_LG

website flies 034

White DDH Minnow   btn_cart_LG

DDH Leech article 075

Tan DDH Minnow  btn_cart_LG

DDH Leech article 080

DDH Leech Red & White   btn_cart_LG

DDH Leech article 055

DeRose Dace ($6.00 ea.)  btn_cart_LG


Bunny Leech ($6.00 ea.)  btn_cart_LG


Darkwater Damsel    btn_cart_LG


Stu’s Pike Muddler ($6.00 ea.) btn_cart_LG


Stu’s Baitfish (Purple) ($6.00 ea.)  btn_cart_LG


Weedman’s Slider   ($6.00 ea) 


11 Responses to Flies

  1. Brent Early says:

    Do you have a package price (one of everything)?

  2. flyfisheranonymous says:

    Hi Brent send me an e-mail

  3. Cory Leiman says:

    Hello stu. Great looking flys you have. I’m busy and away from home this weekend but I would like to talk with you about where you get some of your materials. I see that you live in Manitoba ,I live in Sask. and am just started to tie my own flys this winter. Thankyou for your time. Cory

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  5. All really informative a great help. Thank you for sharing..

  6. See Hamdan says:

    Big thumb up for this blog post! If possible, as you develop further expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more details? It is highly helpful for me.

  7. Danny Duff says:

    Hey I live in Manitoba Less than a 5 minute walk from the red river I was wondering what flies you use for carp around Lockport and Selkirk? I was also wondering about catfish flies and I know you really like the brown DDH, but do you have any other suggestions?

  8. flyfisheranonymous says:

    Other flies you can use are similar to Bonefish flies but you will catch more with some rubber legs on them. Carp love the rubber leg thing so even if you put rubber legs on a DDH you will have a killer Carp fly. Here is another idea, rubber legs for a tail and do a DDH body that would be deadly.

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