Dark Water Dubbing Packs

The following colors are avaiable. Cost is $3.00 per package

1. Bloody Black             btn_cart_LG

Blood Leech Darkwater Dubbing

2. Dark Olive                  btn_cart_LG

Dk. Olive Darkwater Dubbing

3. Light Olive                 btn_cart_LG

Olive Darkwater Dubbing

4. Midnight Fire Black  btn_cart_LG

Darkwater Dubbing packs 001

5. Brown                          btn_cart_LG

Darkwater Dubbing packs 005

6. White                           btn_cart_LG

Darkwater Dubbing packs 012

7. Amber                          btn_cart_LG

Darkwater Dubbing packs 031

8. Grey Dun                    btn_cart_LG

Darkwater Dubbing packs 009

9. Sunrise Orange        btn_cart_LG

Darkwater Dubbing packs 032

10. Hot Orange              btn_cart_LG

Darkwater Dubbing packs 034

11. Pale Yellow                btn_cart_LG

Darkwater Dubbing packs 020

12. Purple                        btn_cart_LG

Darkwater Dubbing packs 017

13. Honey Dun               btn_cart_LG

Darkwater Dubbing packs 015

14. Chartreuse               btn_cart_LG

Darkwater Dubbing packs 025

15. Red Olive                 btn_cart_LG

Golden Olive Darkwater Dubbing


6 Responses to Dark Water Dubbing Packs

  1. Nolan Minor says:

    Amber and Sunrise Orange appear to have the same photo

    • flyfisheranonymous says:

      Nolan if you take a really close look you will see that the Amber is a bit darker than the Sunrise Orange. One main reason they resemble each other is my camera is only a point and shoot. Tried the best I could. If you could see these colors in real life you would notice a real difference between them. I do apologize for the confusion.

  2. Joel W says:

    I need more brown!

    Anymore articles in the near future?

  3. David Forgeron, Team Dredgehogs and Team Canada says:

    Great stuff, many uses and comes alive, just add water

  4. Koshoni Spell says:

    How much is S&H to the United States?

    • flyfisheranonymous says:

      S & H is calculated on a dollar bases. Once you go to the check out then it will give you the amount for shipping.

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