It has taken quite a while to come up with a name for my dubbing blends but in the tannic stained waters I fish I thought the name was apropos. I started to blend dubbing back in 1974 for one main reason, I noticed the actual color of aquatic insects are not one solid color but a combination of colors and what better way to imitate the actual insect than to mirror the colors of the original. Now I’m not saying that I was the first to do this but through the years these dubbing blends have proven themselves year in and year out. Couple the blends with a holographic flash, Diamond Dub Holographic, and you have dubbing that cannot be compared to any other dubbing. Another item unique to my blends is the length of hair I use, it is not chopped but cut straight from the hide which is a time consuming method but it yields the results I wanted to achieve. I tie all my flies that require dubbing with Darkwater Dubbing, from dries to nymphs and yes even streamers and they all work. Give it a try you have nothing to lose.

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2 Responses to Home

  1. Many thanks for the time you spent with me today it really was a hoot. I am getting stronger and in a few weeks will be at The the border fishing my favourite lakes. Lyons & West Hawk. The best lakes I have had pleasure of fishing. Will keep in touch , Thanks again.

    • flyfisheranonymous says:

      It was an honor talking to you. You have an amazing amount of courage and I am really glad to see that you are still tying. My thanks to you for the enjoyment you gave me.

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